#498: ‘Entertain’ – Sleater-Kinney

When Sleater-Kinney released The Woods in 2005, I had no idea who they were. While there was every chance I'd heard of them in passing thanks to my burgeoning fascination with Nirvana, I'd never heard a single one of their tracks, and I'd never knowingly read anything about their influence. Fast-forward a few years, and as … Continue reading #498: ‘Entertain’ – Sleater-Kinney


#499: ‘Thanks For Your Time’ – Gotye

In 2011, Gotye managed to capture the attention of the world thanks to his record Making Mirrors and his Kimbra-featuring ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. However, by this point in his career, the eclectic musician already had two phenomenal albums to his name, with the very nature of popularity meaning that these were overlooked … Continue reading #499: ‘Thanks For Your Time’ – Gotye

#504: ‘Ready To Roll’ – Philadelphia Grand Jury

Back in 2009, a new band appeared on the Australian music scene and took almost everybody by surprise. This band was the Philadelphia Grand Jury, and their intense indie-rock sound suddenly made them favourites of almost anyone who listened to them for more than a few seconds. It was strange though, because often people speak … Continue reading #504: ‘Ready To Roll’ – Philadelphia Grand Jury