#312: ‘Face Down (Acoustic)’ – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Back in mid-2006, my friends in the world of emo music and alt-rock began to become absolutely mesmerised at the presence of a new song. The track was called 'Face Down', and the Florida band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus were behind it. A punchy piece of post-hardcore alt-rock, the tune quickly become a favourite between … Continue reading #312: ‘Face Down (Acoustic)’ – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


#313: ‘Sinnerman’ – Nina Simone

Nina Simone, to me at least, has always been one of those immensely celebrated artists that I always found hard to get into. Maybe it was because a large portion of her repertoire was covers and I focused more on the original artist, or maybe it was because I felt so lost looking at her … Continue reading #313: ‘Sinnerman’ – Nina Simone