#682: ‘The Shake’ – Kisschasy

Back in 2005, I suddenly realised that almost everyone around me was listening to this new pop-punk band called Kisschasy. This sudden appearance of the group left me thinking they were some sort of fad, so I was understandably skeptical, but soon enough, I found myself seeing the band's music on Rage on Saturday mornings, leading me … Continue reading #682: ‘The Shake’ – Kisschasy


#683: ‘Hello Cruel World’ – Klinger

I don’t remember much of my favourite music in the early ‘00s, but I know that Australian indie music didn’t feature prominently, and by that, I mean that I was so clueless that it might as well not have existed as far as I was concerned. Years later, I began a journey to rediscover the … Continue reading #683: ‘Hello Cruel World’ – Klinger

#691: ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ – The Buggles

Firstly, did you know that The Buggles' one and only brush with fame was actually a cover? A little known fact to many, but the original version of 'Video Killed The Radio Star' was actually done by Bruce Wooley (and co-written with members of The Buggles), and surprisingly, released shortly after the cover version was released. … Continue reading #691: ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ – The Buggles