After many years of listening to music, I happened upon an intriguing blog in my senior year of high school in which music writer Sam Walton counted down his top 100 songs of the decade. After being inspired to create my own list (which has sadly been lost to history), I set out towards making my own music website, and entering the world of music writing.

In 2012, a close friend requested that I make a list of my 500 favourite songs as a way for him to make sense of the vast amounts of music I would talk about. After a solid two days of list-making, I produced a list of my favourite songs which I now consider to be hardly representative of the music I was fond of at the time.

Since then, I combined my desire of making an accurate list of my favourite songs, my desire to break into the world of music journalism and broadcasting, and presented an idea of counting down my favourite 1000 songs to a a number of community radio stations. Sadly, this idea was rejected. After landing a job with a respectable music publication, I decided to resurrect my original bog idea, and chose to count down my 1000 favourite songs in the same manner as the blog that inspired it.

Of course, like the original list that I wrote up in June of 2012, by the time this blog is finished, I could make another list of my 1000 favourite songs and produce a list completely different to this one here. Tastes change, but this list should serve as a testament to what my favourite songs were as of April 6th, 2017.

In regards to the selection and ranking of each of these songs, I’ll paraphrase the guidelines from the blog I was inspired from:

  • Each song that I have chosen here is selected on its own merit. I have attempted to dissociate each track from any album, advertisement or social movement it may be associated with. Of course, as with any list, I may have missed a few songs here or there that I should have included on this list. Of course, if they were better songs, I probably would’ve have forgotten them.
  • Each song is ranked as per my own opinion and is in no way meant to be considered some sort of definitive ranking. The tracks are ranked in the order I feel is truly representative of my taste at the time of compiling. Of course, my choices may change after each track is posted, but that’s to be expected, really.