#587: ‘Believe’ – DMA’s

Often when I hear a cover of a pop song, I tend to cringe in antipation of what it's going to sound like. Is the track just going to be a recreation of the track, adding nothing new? Is it going to be a soulless attempt at popularity by associating oneself with a famous track? … Continue reading #587: ‘Believe’ – DMA’s


#593: ‘Electricity’ – The Avalanches

By the time I got into The Avalanches, they were already legends in their own right. After all, it's pretty hard to release an album as brilliantly-crafted and critically-acclaimed as Since I Left You without entering into some sort of godlike status. I first heard of the group and their record by looking into the topic … Continue reading #593: ‘Electricity’ – The Avalanches

#620: ‘My Dad’s A Newsreader’ – Frenzal Rhomb

I've always had a rather odd fascination about the minor oddities of my hometown of Adelaide. Whether it's out-of-state visitors mispronouncing the Thebarton Theatre or the buildings of George Polites, or the existence of the legendary unknown Somerton Man, I've always loved the things that set apart Adelaide from the rest of the cities in … Continue reading #620: ‘My Dad’s A Newsreader’ – Frenzal Rhomb