#318: ‘Blow Up The Pokies’ – The Whitlams

Back in 1999, I have a vivid memory of The Whitlams suddenly appearing on radio stations like Triple M. I wasn't aware of the band by this point, though my mother mentioned that she liked them, and I kept on hearing them. Specifically, I kept hearing the track 'Blow Up The Pokies', a song protesting … Continue reading #318: ‘Blow Up The Pokies’ – The Whitlams


#338: ‘Svefn-G-Englar’ – Sigur Rós

The first time I heard of Sigur Rós was thanks to a guy on the forums of Ultimate-Guitar. This person was from my hometown, and despite the fact we had never met, he and I bonded over our local connections and our love of music. Soon, I found myself taking recommendations from him, and eventually, he suggested … Continue reading #338: ‘Svefn-G-Englar’ – Sigur Rós