#52: ‘Future Foe Scenarios’ – Silversun Pickups

Throughout this exhaustive list, there are plenty of songs that I had no idea about until someone alerted me to their brilliance. In many cases, it was someone suggesting a song under the pretence that I might enjoy it, while some others were just being played casually before they took me by surprise and resonated with me strongly.

In this case, it’s the latter situation, and one that I look back on fondly. In 2014, I was showing my then-penpal and future wife-to-be around my hometown of Adelaide. It was during this time that I often found myself showing her a lot of music that she would enjoy, particularly focusing on artists to come from Australia. To complement this, she decided to throw on a few songs that she thoroughly enjoyed as a way to show me what she was listening to at the time.

One of these songs was ‘Future Foe Scenarios’, a track by Silversun Pickups. When she told me what the song was, I was expecting it to be one I knew, considering I’d listened to a lot of the band in the preceding years. What I heard however was a great track that practically stopped me in my tracks as I found myself taken by this mesmerising mix of music that only Silversun Pickups could deliver.

Like many of these songs, it quickly became a firm favourite of mine, and I would frequently find myself listening to it during the time that we were forced to spend apart before we managed to marry each other. Still, to hear it today brings me back to that moment of young love all those years ago, and reminds me of all the good things that were still to come.

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