#688: ‘E Talking’ – Soulwax

Near the end of high school, I stumbled across Soulwax, in particular their song ‘NY Excuse’. At the time, I thought it to be a rather decent tune and filed it away to listen to it later. However, during this time, I also discovered that the band were known for their side project 2 Many DJ’s, in which they perform mainly mash-ups of a wide variety of varying tunes.

Not long after this, I began to listen to 2 Many DJ’s and soon realised that their record As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 was one of the best albums I had ever heard. Because of this infatuation, I soon turned away from Soulwax in favour of their more popular counterparts.

Eventually, I came across ‘E Talking’, one of the band’s hits from their 2004 album Any Minute Now, though I realised I already knew this song from years prior, when I must have heard it during a late-night binge of music videos.

While the song’s film clip puts this into somewhat of a clearer context, the tune is, like a few of Soulwax’s tracks, about drug use, in particular, ecstasy and the effects of being on it. While I can’t really speak from experience, I’ve long admired Soulwax’s ability to capture an almost ubiquitous aspect of clubbing culture and turn it into an anthem of sorts. There’s also the fact that I’m yet to hear a single project from the Dewaele brothers that I don’t like, but I’m sticking with the clubbing story.


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