#874: ‘Gooey’ – Glass Animals

If ever there was to be a dictionary definition of the phrase ‘headphone song’, I feel the above album artwork should be used in its place. That’s just part of the beauty of the music that Glass Animals make – the music is so beautifully crafted with such intricacy and dedication that it sounds absolutely phenomenal when appreciated with a decent set of headphones. ‘Gooey’ was discovered by me a few years ago while listening to the radio, and it’s phenomenal sound over a pair of headphones was what drew me in.

In my mind, the very nature of the song can be summed up through both the track’s title, and the band’s name. Both invoke very definite imagery which is complemented by the slinky, chilled, and smooth nature of the track.

While the track is said to be about ““youth and naïvety and childishness”, the somewhat sexy nature of the track seems to be a complete contrast to the track’s meaning, giving it a very uncertain feeling which helps to add another layer to the song.

At the end of the day, this song is one that I’ve chosen not for its subject matter, or the band behind it, but rather because it serves as an amazing example of song composition. From the choice of instruments, to the small quirks that the song has, every listen of this track is an adventure. I highly recommend getting some nice headphones and giving this one a good, proper listen.


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