#876: ‘Beat Up’ – Polish Club

Today’s track is, to put it simply, the newest song to make this countdown. I was initially wary of including this song due to the fact that I wasn’t as familiar with it as everything else in the list, and this, was potentially undermining the integrity of this list if I was to just include it like that. However, I then remembered that my initial mission statement for this countdown is to include my 1000 favourite songs as of April 6th, 2017. With that in mind, today’s track is Polish Club’s ‘Beat Up’.

I first became aware of Polish Club just under a year ago. I had begun an internship at a music publication and one of the articles I wrote up included the band. I knew nothing about them, and really wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I listened to their music and was moderately impressed pretty soon after. They struck me as a somewhat younger version of The White Stripes, only with catchier songs, and less of a serious approach, so I filed them away to check out again later.

At the end of 2016, they released ‘Beat Up’ as a single from their then-upcoming debut record. Almost immediately, I knew the group were onto something. They had expressed more of a fun approach with the new single, and instead of a real blues-rock sound, they had taken on more of a rock sound, with blues influences – arguably a more marketable sound.

But ‘Beat Up’ was proof that these guys had been sitting on the key for success. Writing a catchy song came as second nature for them, and their frenzied, somewhat lo-fi approach to music was definitely warmly received. Of course though, there’s the definite chance that the future could see Polish Club fall into somewhat of a sophomore slump, after years of having crafted their debut album, but only time will tell. At this stage, they’re a band who have managed to catch fire, and at this stage, I wish them only the best.


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