#877: ‘Another Morning Stoner’ – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

I don’t think I could in any way pinpoint the moment that I heard about …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. One would assume that a band with a name as strange and intriguing as their’s, I would remember that moment. However, despite the fact that I’ve only ever ventured as far as their 2002 record Source Tags & Codes, the group seems to have just… always been there in my mind.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead aren’t a group that have had loads of mainstream popularity, in fact, they’ve skirted with minimal fame in the grand scheme of things, managing to tour worldwide, but never achieving the levels of fame that they deserve. Their Source Tags & Codes record arguably brought them their highest amount of recognition, but somehow, I’d been aware of this bad even before that. I think I must have been about eight, and I had somehow heard of this group, despite the fact that I could hardly name you any other band that I was into.

Of course, it took me until many, many years later to actually delve into the group’s back catalogue, since I wasn’t ready for their art-rock style, mixed with hardcore. Even in the days that I loved heavy music, the group felt too experimental (I’m aware now that makes no sense – I mean, I liked The Residents, for God’s sake), and I ignored them.

One night though, I was watching music videos quite late, and ‘Another Morning Stoner’ found its way onto my TV screen. I was hooked. This wasn’t the experimental, crazy band I thought I’d listened to previously; these guys were actually quite amazing. I attempted to listen to more of their music, but found myself sticking with their 2002 album. ‘Another Morning Stoner’ ended up finding its way onto a mixtape that I don’t even remember making, but just happened to appear in my car one day (with my handwriting on it). I listened to that song far more than I think I ever would have usually, and in time, this song grew on me, to the point where it became a huge favourite of mine, and rightly so.


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