#878: ‘Message To My Girl’ – Split Enz

Like Crowded House, who were formed in the ashes of the group, Split Enz was a band whose music was equal parts sweet, sad, and weird. With Tim Finn’s fine command of songwriting, and his ability to convert emotion into pure showmanship, Split Enz were undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s finest bands.

Released as their penultimate record, Conflciting Emotions was written while frontman Tim Finn had begun to start a solo career, leaving his brother Neil (and the better songwriter of the two in my opinion), to take charge of the band.

‘Message To My Girl’ is the epitome of a Neil Finn love song. Taking ingredients from the very nature of human existence and putting them together in the right way, Neil was able to write a love song that the vast majority of listeners could instantly relate to, as opposed to forcing them to find meaning in a song that is only understood full by the writer.

The basic premise of the song lays within the fact that he wishes to say how he feels about his lover, yet is worried that his usual means aren’t enough, and could be viewed as somewhat lacking or corny, he wants to make sure that the words are perfect. In spite of the hesitation, he feels that his lover needs to hear them, and makes it a priority to send his message to his girl.

The beauty of this track truly lies within its simplicity, and its ability to make its meaning completely clear with a short sweet set of lyrics, and one heck of a chorus.


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