#879: ‘Stick Together’ – The Superjesus

Growing up in Adelaide, we missed out on having any big bands for quite some time. The majority of big rock bands came from Sydney or Melbourne, and Aussie hip-hop was still in its infancy, meaning that Adelaide held onto those bands like The Angels, Cold Chisel, and …. well, that’s sort of my point. Nevertheless, things started to change when The Superjesus hit the scene.

The Superjesus burst onto the Aussie rock scene in the mid ’90s, with their record Sumo going gangbusters. A bunch of hit singles, and suddenly they were the saviours of the Adelaide rock scene. Of course, I didn’t really catch on to them until 2003, when they released their album Rock Music.

Supported by the lead single ‘Stick Together’, the record was their least popular, and served as their unfortunate decline. ‘Stick Together’, in my mind, saw the group at their most pop, proving that after years together, they had not only perfected the art of songwriting, but had also found a way to make appealing to the masses; a rare talent.

While I would later delve into the group’s back catalogue, ‘Stick Together’ remains a highlight of the group’s illustrious career.

While Rock Music proved to be their last record before their breakup, the group have since gotten back together. I was lucky enough to see them at their (falsely advertised) ‘One Night Only’ reunion show, and I also appear on the DVD that was filmed that night. (I also bought the very last available ticket too – that was cool).

They’ve also started recording more music as well, but to me, ‘Stick Together’ was the perfect fusion of the group’s rock stylings, mixed with their perception of rock sensibilities.


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