#885: ‘Into The Groove’ – Madonna

I’ve never been one to buy into the concept of ‘guilty pleasures’, because any self-respecting music fan should be able to admit they like something regardless of the stigma attached to it. While I’m not sure how Madonna has managed to become associated with the notion of being a ‘guilty pleasure’ among music fans, I’ve long been a fan of her music, especially ‘Into The Groove’.

Featuring on the soundtrack to Madonna’s film Desperately Seeking Susan, ‘Into The Groove’ has been described by some as Madonna’s first great single. A sly synth-pop tune, ‘Into The Groove features the atypical sexy, smooth pop stylings that Madonna was able to make into her own during the early days of her career.

Surprisingly though, this track was somewhat hard to find for a while. See, while the track was prominently used in Desperately Seeking Susan, it wasn’t available on the film’s soundtrack. So when Madonna’s sophomore record Like A Virgin was reissued in 1985, the track was included in the updated track list… if you didn’t live in the US, that is. Strangely, the song was released as a single in the US, but was only available on an import until 1990’s The Immaculate Conception compilation.

To me, I’ve always felt that while Madonna had strong, powerful songs previously, ‘Into The Groove’ was the first one which saw her truly come into her own and take control of the music – something she continues to do to this very day.


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