#886: ‘Whoever You Are’ – Geggy Tah

Okay, let me set the scene for you. I’m in high school, it’s a Saturday night, and instead of going out and partying with all my friends, I’m sat at home watching music videos and doing a jigsaw puzzle. That’s precisely how I got introduced to today’s song.

The music TV channels I used to watch had a strange habit of either playing some of the most well-known songs on repeat, to the point where you would think they had a library of about 50 songs, or they would delve deep into their vaults and pluck out tracks that no one had thought of in over ten years. That’s how I discovered Geggy Tah’s ‘Whoever You Are’.

I wasn’t aware at the time that this track had seen a moderate amount of popularity in the mid ’90s, nor was I aware it had even been featured in a TV commercial, but rather I was taken with the track’s simplicity.

Capturing the frustration of commuting, driving, and dealing with other members of the public, this song is an ode to the unsung hero; the one who let you merge lanes while driving. Think about that, how many would have someone express kindness by letting you merge, only to repay the favour by writing a song about them? Greg Kurstin, it seems.

Despite the quirky, kooky, and admittedly strange style of the song, this was what lead to the music world being introduced to one of its most valuable songwriters. See, Geggy Tah’s frontman is now one of the most in demand producers and songwriters in the business, having written countless songs for Sia, Kylie Minogue, and Lily Allen.

I’ve always found a bit of irony in his career direction, namely since music producers are often overlooked by the music -consuming public. So of course, after beginning his career with a track called ‘Whoever You Are’, Kurstin is now toiling away in an industry where people enjoy the music he has contributed to, unaware of whoever he is.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.


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