#894: ‘Am I Wrong’ – Love Spit Love

Despite being essentially a side project of The Psychedelic Furs during their hiatus, Love Spit Love were never really known that well. That being said, their most famous bit of music was a cover of The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now?‘, which was used as the theme song to the TV show Charmed.

Despite this, Love Spit Love were perfectly capable songwriters in their own right. After all, one need only look at Richard Butler’s work on The Psychedelic Furs to see proof of this, but for some reason, Love Spit Love were widely ignored.

The main exception to this though, is their song ‘Am I Wrong’. Sure, it was released as a single, got itself some TV and radio airplay, and even featured in the movie Angus, but it’s since been relegated as one of those ‘forgotten’ one hit wonders.

The song is a deeply moving number that shares quite a relatable meaning. Like many of these more emotional songs, I like to let them speak for themselves, so I won’t say much more, except that it’s a good one to reflect upon during a troubled times.

Incidentally, the perpetually sad Brand New also recorded a cover of this many years ago, which seemed to gain a lot of acclaim from indie kids, so I’d recommend that one too!


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