#895: ‘Wild America’ – Iggy Pop

For the sake of a fun comparison, Iggy Pop’s eleventh studio album, American Caesar, was released in 1993, 24 years after Ziggy’ band The Stooges released their self-titled debut. That’s the same amount of time between when ‘Wild America’ came out, and today.

Now, if you were to consider that, in that 24 years, Iggy had himself a very successful career with The Stooges, before embarking on a solo career which, despite starting out very successfully, began to wane as time went on. When American Caesar came out in 1993, it signalled the return of the wild, rocking Iggy Pop that was infamous so many years before.

There’s an interesting parallel there with Iggy’s recent career too. Despite having a waning solo career in recent years (which was complemented by a reunion of The Stooges), Iggy released Post Pop Depression last year, which was heralded as his return to rock music once more.

I tend to give Pop a great deal of respect for his uncanny ability to repeatedly reinvent himself as the years go by, with varying degrees of success. ‘Wild America’ tells the story of a (seemingly) fictionalised account of a trip Iggy takes to Los Angeles.

Rough, wild, and out of control, the song takes on the lyrical representation and not only manages to illustrate Pop’s feelings of LA and the world at large, but manages to serve as one of his best tracks in the process.


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