#902: ‘Time Is Running Out’ – Muse

You may notice as this blog progresses that I have a tendency to pick songs by artists I don’t particularly care for that much. While that may sound strange on paper, there’s no particular reason why I should choose not to include a song because I don’t care for the artist that performs it. Heck, if that were the case, this would probably be my top 800. Well, actually those in the positions 1001-1200 would just get raised up an-eh, who cares. Here’s ‘Time Is Running Out’, by Muse.

Muse are an alright band. When they first came onto the scene, they were certainly something special, but to me, that’s really changed in the last eight years. Their early records were alright, and Black Holes And Revelations was quite memorable, but after that, Muse just started to get worse.

Their egos became bloated as they became a band that could seemingly do no wrong, and their music became just… worse. They were no longer worried about setting themselves apart. They didn’t have to work hard to get to the top, the world told them they were at the top, and they stopped trying.

Back in 2003 though, the group released Absolution, a record that undoubtedly sent them on the way to the fame they wanted. While previous songs had seen the group experiment too much, the album’s second single ‘Time Is Running Out’ was much more straightforward.

Don’t get me wrong, my preference to this song above their others isn’t me admitting I like my songs plain, but it’s me believing that Muse are at their best when they stick to the bread and butter of songwriting.

The song’s meaning is also rather straightforward, being about a relationship, again proving that the group are better off sticking to the basics, instead of singing about far off lands, political oppression, and whatever the songs on Drones were about.

I’m always open to having my mind changed when it comes to music, but considering I sold my entire Muse collection a few years back since I just didn’t love them like I used to, it’s going to take some time.


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