#903: ‘Congratulations, John, On Joining Every Time I Die’ – Bomb The Music Industry!

Alright, based upon the song’s title alone, this is going to be a lot to take in. So sit back while I take you on a bit of history lesson to help explain why this song is pretty great.

Bomb The Music Industry! was a musical project from New York that was active between 2004 and 2014. The group’s frontman, Jeff Rosenstock, had previously played in The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, and upon the group’s demise, Rosenstock decided to take a more independent, homemade style approach to his music. The resulting work was Bomb The Music Industry!, and their initial work was recorded solely using built-in equipment on Rosenstock’s laptop. As time went on, the project became more of a band than a solo project, and members within the group often fluctuated.

During the production of the group’s second record To Leave Or Die In Long Island, news broke that hardcore band Every Time I Die’s bassist had quit. Bomb The Music Industry’s guitarist, John DeDomenici, had friends who were close to the band, and Jeff Rosenstock thought that John was certainly going to leave the group. As Rosenstock says, “For any musician, a day job can be a pretty depressing thing – kind of a constant reminder that you’re not successful or good enough to do what you feel is your strong suit for a living. So when John (our guitar player) found out that Every Time I Die’s bassist quit last winter and at the same time realized that a couple of his friends were also good friends with the ETID gang, we all decided to celebrate.”

“I mean the only requirements for the band aside from the ability to play the bass was that you have to like AC/DC and you have to drink a lot… how could he not get it? This song was meant to congratulate John because we all truly felt he was going to get this gig. This song was also meant to yell at John because his getting this gig would definitely have held up BTMI! a bit.”

“It turns out that his friends forgot to make phone calls until it was too late and they already got the guy from Between The Buried And Me to do it, which allowed John the necessary free time to play the few shows we’d had in 2005. This song is mainly inside jokes, and also part rumor that I heard in a magazine which said ETID’s newest album would be produced by Dave Grohl. I think I read that in Revolver. Punk rock, man.”

As Rosenstock says, the majority of the song is comprised of inside jokes aimed at John DeDomenici and his possibility of joining the group. There’s the sly critique’s of the vast differences in Bomb The Music Industry’s style and that of Every Time I Die; “Congratulations! Go stretch your ears and get a neck tattoo,” and there’s some honest truths dished out by Rosenstock as well “Nice going, asshole, you finally did something right and I’m 2% bummed it wasn’t me,” or “And I will smile while silently resenting you for quitting Bomb the Music Industry.”

All in all, the song is made in good fun, despite Rosenstock’s apparent disappointment he was to be losing his friend in the process. And of course, despite the song’s chorus literally being the words “Nice going, asshole,” Rosenstock is truly happy for his friend, giving the track a sweet, yet hilarious nature to it that fans of Bomb The Music Industry! and their ska-style can truly appreciate.

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