#904: ‘Found Out About You’ – Gin Blossoms

Arizona’s Gin Blossoms are, in my opinion, a criminally underrated group. While the vast majority of their fame is based upon the success of the track ‘Hey Jealousy‘ (a brilliant song in its own right), and the minor success of a handful of other singles, they’re a group who never saw the fame that they rightly deserved.

While I first discovered Gin Blossoms in the same manner as most people, through their track ‘Hey Jealousy’, their music resonated with me, and I listened to them a lot more than others would have. I purchased their album when I was younger, listened it ad nauseam, and researched other bands from the group’s home state. While many who know me are aware I have a rather esoteric love for groups that come from the US state of Arizona, Gin Blossoms are in fact the reason for this love.

In late 2013, I was dating a girl who I was completely infatuated with. Along the way, I made her a CD of my favourite songs at the time, and Gin Blossoms’ ‘Found Out About You’ made the cut. Under a month later, she broke up with me, and the lyrics to this song suddenly made a lot more sense to me than they had previously.

The track itself tells the story of someone who can’t move past a previous relationship. His previous lover has moved on, and he is stuck hearing rumours about her. While he thought he had worked hard to gain her love and affection, it turns out that isn’t hard to do, and she has moved on with many others since they parted ways.

The track was written by the band’s then-guitarist Doug Hopkins. Near the end of the album’s recording sessions, Hopkins was asked to leave the band on a count of his alcoholism, before killing himself a year later. While it’s not clear as whether the subject matter of this track played any sort of role in Hopkins’ eventual decision, with the sheer level of heartbreak evident in the song, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was indeed a contributing factor.

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