#914: ‘Divan’ – Smudge

I believe this is another milestone of sorts in this blog today, as we welcome the first live track into the mix. Sure, some live tracks are better than their studio counterparts for number of reasons. It could be much more passionate, include differing aspects not found elsewhere, or just better in general. This is basically a summation of why today’s song has been chosen.

Sydney’s Smudge are best known by international music fans for being best buddies with The Lemonheads. In fact, Evan Dando and Tom Morgan formed a songwriting partnership in the early ’90s which, in my opinion, should honestly rival that of Lennon & McCartney. Smudge’s Tom Morgan has an uncanny knack for being able to write a fantastically simple song that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but manages to capture a range of human emotions.

In ‘Divan’, of which today’s version is from a Live At The Wireless Acoustic Session back in 1993, Morgan sings of the importance of being a good host. The entirety of the song is him offering up a space on his lounge room divan for his friend. “If you get the feeling you’ll be hanging around, well you can crash out on my divan,” he sings. “Well the TV set is where it is. You can watch it for as long as you like, but the minute you get tired of it, well you can crash out on my divan,” and “In the morning, I got things to do. I’ve gotta be up and out by 10, but if you’re still asleep, I won’t wake you.” Try listening to this and not viewing Tom Morgan as the perfect friend to have when you’re in need of a place to stay.

Sure, the song isn’t inherently deep, meaningful, or anything of that sort, but this acoustic performance adds a level of tenderness and sincerity to this song. It’s not just Tom Morgan and the rest of Smudge offering up a place to stay for the night; he really wants you there. He really wants you to know that he cares for you, and for one night, crashing out on his divan could be just what you need.

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