#917: ‘One Big Holiday’ – My Morning Jacket

I’ve never really known how to feel about My Morning Jacket. I saw them back in 2009 and thought they were rather decent, so I checked them out. Save for today’s song, I wasn’t terribly impressed. Then, when I saw them play a hometown show two years back, I found them boring and left early. That being said though, ‘One Big Holiday’ is a brilliant piece of musical history.

I don’t recall how I exactly discovered ‘One Big Holiday’, but I’m certain that it is the very sound of a band’s gratitude towards where they find themselves. 

The entirety of the track describes the group going from being a fledgling local act to being the world-renowned group that they are now. From the start of the track where it describes them getting a call from a record executive, to getting to the point of being a rather large indie-rock band, the song characterises their whole experience as ‘one big holiday’, from the beginning to the present. 

If gratitude were audible, this song would be what it sounds like. The song showcases everything that makes the band who they are, from their indie-rock roots, penchant for guitar solos, to their jam-band influences, all while capturing an air of the ‘stadium-rock’ their level of fame should see them playing, ‘One Big Holiday’ is the sound of a band just happy to be where they are.

I’m still not sure why I’ve found the group boring both times I’ve seen them live, because their recorded music is rather good. While I don’t enjoy every single track that they’ve made, I certainly appreciate the level of passion and effort they put into each and every tune they make.


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