#918: ‘Stupid Boy’ – Happy Supply

Over the years, I’ve discovered that obscure, esoteric compilations can be an invaluable source for discovering some brilliant tracks that would be otherwise forgotten. In fact, this is precisely the case when it comes to the record Urbs In Horto: A Chicago Indiepop Compilation, because it’s exactly how I came across today’s song.

Happy Supply were a two-piece indie-pop group from Chicago who were active from about 1999 to 2002. Very little information is available about them online, and their discography is relatively sparse, so they’re a little hard to track down. Understandably, I believe them to be an immensely underrated group who never saw the sort of success they deserved. While frontman Ian Adams has been in a couple of other better-known bands, such as Submarine Races, and The Ponys, the group has managed to stay out of the public eye for a very long time.

However, one of their harder-to-find songs, ‘Stupid Boy’, is only available from a small compilation of Chicago bands. Like the rest of their oeuvre, it’s short, quirky, and oh-so befitting of the indie-pop genre from which it comes.

‘Stupid Boy’ which sees our narrator profess his love towards someone. However, he feels so intimidated by his lover that he feels as if he were just a, as he describes it, stupid boy. Of course, this is something that many relate to. It’s how we’ve felt while we try to win over those who we desire, but of course, we feel so small and insignificant in comparison to what we build the other up to be. It might just be a short song, but man, it manages to sum up these feelings for many people so very well.

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