#919: ‘I Get Around’ – The Beach Boys

My love for The Beach Boys isn’t exactly an all-encompassing, ‘they can do no wrong’ type of love. Heck, I even believe that Pet Sounds is relatively overrated. While that doesn’t mean I don’t care for the band at all, I’ve never really embraced them like many of their era and the ensuing years did.

However, one of my exceptions to my ‘I don’t particularly care for The Beach Boys’ rule is undoubtedly ‘I Get Around’. In just two minutes, the group find a way to completely epitomise their song-writing process and image. With their typically harmonised vocals, and their penchant for writing songs about summer, girls, and cars, all while maintaining their ‘nice boys’ image, The Beach Boys effectively turn what should be a throwaway track into, in my opinion, one of their best.

As many online commentators have described this song, it’s just about a bunch of guys being guys, driving their cars, and having a good time. While at the time, this was an all-too typical ‘feel-good’ song with no particular substance, ‘I Get Around’ has managed to hold up pretty well over the half-decade it’s been since it was released.

While I have very little to say about this song, namely due to its length and, again, lack of substance, I will leave with this small video which helped to bring the song into popularity again in recent years; the group performing the song in a  ‘shred’ video. Effectively, a video that has re-recorded audio designed to make it seem as if the original performance was terrible. It’s not winning awards any time soon, but heck, it passes the time.


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