#923: ‘Nice Day To Go To The Pub’ – Cosmic Psychos

The Brisbane band Dick Nasty once sang ‘I’m More Australian Than A Book Full Of Bush Poetry By Russell Crowe‘, but I believe that if there were to ever be a competition for ‘most Australian band’, the chances are strong that the winners of that title would be the Cosmic Psychos.

If you’ve ever watched the fascinating documentary Blokes You Can Trust, you’d undoubtedly be aware of the type of people that the Cosmic Psychos are. Somehow these three guys from Australia began playing music together, and somehow they ended up being one of the defining influences on the entire genre of grunge. Somehow their rough and raucous sound managed to resonate with those up in Seattle, and before you knew it, Australian pub rock was being not only championed by bands like Pearl Jam, and L7, but these groups were bringing the Cosmic Psychos out on tour.

Sadly though, a lot of Australians aren’t even aware of the influence that these guys have had on music. Their down-to-earth natures, their casual attitudes towards music, and their simplistic, slice-of-life lyrics perfectly capture the vibe of the Australia that they know and love.

Case in point; ‘Nice Day To Go To The Pub’. While I’d listened to plenty of Cosmic Psychos before I heard this track, such as ‘Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits‘, and the classic ‘Lost Cause‘ (which was covered by L7, and then The Prodigy, sort of), to me, this track captures the Psychos at their most Australian.

The song could not be more simple and more representative of the simple vices that the Cosmic Psychos embody; going to the pub, eating pub food, and having a good time with friends. Gone are the tracks which may deal with relationships, hard situations, and the gruelling agony of life, and instead they’re replaced by a song about going to out to have a drink, delivered with the crushing guitars, powerful vocals, and irreverent lyrics, served up in a way that only the Cosmic Psychos can deliver.


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