#925: ‘I Will Never Love You More’ – Soko

Ever since I first discovered Soko, I found something innocent and accessible within her music. It’s not that her music is inherently simple, yet it has a air simplicity about it that would make many accomplished musician stand back and think “Why didn’t I think of that?” To me, this simplicity is no better displayed than in her track ‘I Will Never Love You More’.

To be fair, my initial finding ‘I Will Never Love You More’ was somewhat of a headache. The first time I heard it was when it managed to chart in the 2008 edition of the triple j Hottest 100. I recall listening to it and thinking it was a sweet little song, but when I tried to find it later, well, then there was trouble. See, at the time, Soko had only released this on MySpace, and there was no official physical component of the track. So, I had to deal with a relatively crappy version of the song, downloaded from her MySpace page, for quite some time.

While the track did see a release on the CD edition of the Hottest 100 for that year, I later discovered a small German promo CD that was released during a tour that Soko performed on. (That is where the above artwork is taken from, in case you were wondering.)

At the heart of this song, it sees Soko telling her significant other that sure, he’s pretty special, but he’s not exactly better than some of the other important things in her life. After all, can he really be better than the drummer of The Flaming Lips, her Casiotone keyboard, or DVDs night with her girlfriends? I reckon he’d have to be pretty damn special to contend with some of those wonderful things.

Soko’s casual way of embracing a subject like this is endearing and is one of the many reasons I’ve found myself going back to this song again and again. Like her first hit ‘I’ll Kill Her’, ‘I Will Never Love You More’ is brilliant for how simple and relatable it is, turning such a simple subject into something that you can hum along to the whole way.

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