#927: ‘Dance Commander’ – Electric Six

Like a few of the other bands I’ve already counted down here, there’s some who may fall into the category of ‘joke bands’. While I’m remiss to consider Electric Six a joke band, I can understand the appeal to call them as such. After all, their first hit ‘Gay Bar‘ was basically only famous due to its humorous nature, and their subsequent material became just as ludicrous and campy. But still, their penchant for writing enjoyable, radio-friendly hits is pretty hard to ignore.

Of course, like many before me, the first track I heard by Electric Six was indeed ‘Gay Bar’. By some strange phenomenon, when I began high school a year after the song’s release, the large majority of my classmates would occasionally reference the song. I had almost no idea what they were referencing until I decided to search for the song online. Incidentally, having your parents walk in on you while you’re Googling the words ‘gay bar’ is a great way to ignite discussion about what is and isn’t allowed on the family computer.

Regardless, after finally discovering the band behind the song, I started to listen to more and more of the group. I acquired a copy of the group’s first record, Fire, and fell in love with their style. While still firmly rooted in the sounds of garage, punk, and dance, the group managed to find a way to weave these genres together with a distinct sense of humour behind it all.

As I went through high school, I began to occasionally make more and more playlists, and burning CDs to listen to on car rides. My father, who would enjoy my taste in music and these CDs, would often ask me for new music to listen to in the car. While searching for some songs he may like, I rediscovered ‘Dance Commander’, and I put that song the disc, hoping he would enjoy the song. He did not, but I did manage to fall back in love with the track and it’s playful ode to getting people to dance.

Of course, Electric Six aren’t going to be winning awards for being an incredibly literate band, but their ability to make a catchy dance-punk song is definitely very apparent, and should be applauded for years to come.

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