#929: ‘Exerciser’ – Rhubarb

There have been plenty of songs written off as gimmicks over the years, and to be fair, Rhubarb’s ‘Exerciser’ sort of falls into that category. It’s a fun song, but when people can only recall it due to the fact it was once in a commercial about saving water, it’s original message seems to now be lost.

I first discovered the track while watching a cover band play songs at a rural event. The band were relatively forgettable, but I heard the track, loved it, and did all I could to track it down, since I had no idea what it was. When I found it, I was in love. It was short, punchy, and its positive message seemed fun and hopeful, a nice change from the norm.

The song goes on to use imagery of someone living their life well, and even going so far as to exercise, being the titular ‘exerciser’.

As I said, it’s fun, short, and memorable. I enjoyed the lyrics for such a long time (and the fact I wasn’t sure if the track was sincere or satirical) to the point that I kept the lyrics in my school locker for years. Every day I would see these lyrics and be reminded of how much fun this song can be.

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