#950: ‘Get Over It’ – OK Go

Remember OK Go? Back in 2006, everyone was going crazy over the innovative music video they released for their track ‘Here It Goes Again‘. Proving they weren’t a one hit wonder, they kept up the kooky videos with their next album, producing videos for songs like ‘WTF?’, ‘This Too Shall Pass‘, and ‘The Writing’s On The Wall,’ all of which were basically made for the viral, video-sharing age that they were released in.

Before they released the album Oh No, from which ‘Here It Goes Again’ was from, they had released their first, self-titled album. It didn’t exactly catapult then to success with a raft of hit singles that charted across the board, but it did however feature the track ‘Get Over It’.

I believe I discovered this song in early 2003, while watching music videos at my grandparents’ house, waiting for them to return home from church. I used to spend this time discovering plenty of new music, whether it be good or bad. But this song stuck with me enough so that when digital music entered my radar, I checked it out once again, making sure not to forget it in the future. The song’s music video, while not as intriguing or special as their later ones, still showed a group who was starting to make some good content, even during that time as a relatively young band.

The track is typically early millennium alt-rock with a few influences from stadium bands of the ’80s. Catchy lyrics, a great chorus, and an underlying theme of not treating oneself as a victim for the bad things in one’s life, it was basically, as The Hold Steady would later state, a positive jam.

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