#951: ‘I Heard You Got Action’ – Pony Up

There are plenty of indie bands from the last decade who could’ve gone on to bigger and better things had they changed just the slightest bit of their formula to appeal to a wider audience. Pony Up was one of those bands.

Formed in Canada in 2002, the band rose to fame for their quirky and unique style of playing. In addition to a playful handle on lyrics, the group’s musicianship, while quite accomplished, was based around simplicity, and this simplicity helped to bring in fans from all over. While they had moderate success with their two studio albums, they never really reached the heights that most indie bands of their style seem to reach today.

During their early days as a band, they caught the eye of Australian musician Ben Lee, who decided to put them as the B-side of his cover of Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On’. The track used as the B-side, was this one, ‘I Heard You Got Action’.

I’ll admit though, this song is certainly one that takes some getting used to. The entirety of the track is based around a conversation between band members Laura and Camilla, about Camilla’s bedroom antics the night before. Using baseball analogies for sex throughout the song, and with a sound that almost copies that of a rejected girl-group song from the ’60s, it continues on, slowly becoming more endearing with each listen.

While it shares a lot of similarities with the horribly forgettable ‘L-A-C-H-L-A-N‘ by Your Wedding Night, this song is far less embarrassing to listen to, and actually feels like it was written by musicians who are actually secretly talented. Considering the discography that the group put out later, it’s clear that this song should be treated as something akin to a demo. In which case, it serves as a great reminder of where a fantastic band came from, once you listen to their later work and find out where they were going to end up.

Sadly, the group sort of faded away over the last 8 years. While the group’s members still play music together occasionally, there’s no talk of a Pony Up reunion as yet.

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