#953: ‘Typical Girls’ – The Slits

Like most female punk bands of the era, The Slits weren’t exactly going to lay down and be submissive. Hell, one need only look at the front cover of their debut record Cut to know that they were already all about challenging conformity and making their own statement.

Their track ‘Typical Girls’ was more or less a mission statement for the group as a whole. With lyrics that basically separated themselves from any of the other ‘typical girls’ in the world, the group showed they were in no way afraid to do things their own way.

While The Slits have been renowned as one of the greatest female punk bands of all time, their legacy was sadly ignored by the mainstream. While lead singer Ari Up’s mother’s relationship with Sex Pistols’ frontman Johnny Rotten was relatively well known, the group’s legacy was mainly passed around via word of mouth for a long time, with the birth of the Internet giving them a much-deserved spotlight once more.

Sadly, the group are no more, having dissolved for a second time following Ari Up’s death in 2010, but their legacy definitely remains. After all, they, along with groups such as X-Ray Spex told English women in the ’70s that it was not only okay to go out and make punk music, but something that was sorely needed.

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