#955: ‘She Will Be Loved’ – Maroon 5

If there was ever to be a point in this blog in which I supposedly lost any credibility by those with heightened sensibilities of what ‘real music’ is, I guess this would be it. I mean, let’s be fair, Maroon 5 aren’t exactly the epitome of a cool rock band anymore, and these days their name invokes only images of the pop music they’ve moved onto. But you know what, that’s pretty fine, because they’re still a damn good band.

When Maroon 5 released their debut record (not including the two records released during their time as Kara’s Flowers), they sort of went crazy. Their music was everywhere, and tracks like ‘This Love‘, ‘Harder To Breathe‘, and ‘Sunday Morning‘ were staples of almost every music video channel you could find. This is basically how I discovered them. I still remember hearing ‘This Love’ for the first time and thinking they were pretty nifty.

As weeks and months went on, I basically had their music forced upon me, especially ‘She Will Be Loved’. At the time this song was released, the radio station with which I had grown up listening to had shifted towards a more dance-oriented sound. My parents, thinking was not what they were after, decided to switch to the next best thing on their radio dial. Sadly, the next best thing wasn’t the bastion of Australian music and rock that they were used to, and was instead something similar to a top 40 station. Regardless, they stuck with it for a while, and during that time, we heard ourselves out fair share of Maroon 5.

Whether it was a form of aural Stockholm Syndrome, or whether I actually enjoyed the song, I started to really get behind ‘She Will Be Loved’.  Musically, ‘She Will Be Loved’ is quite unassuming. The backing instrumentation is rather accomplished, and honestly, I feel this song would’ve served its purpose quite well as an instrumental alone. However, when frontman Adam Levine’s vocals were placed into the mix, it turned a decent-sounding song into a pretty great example of low-key pop-rock.

Lyrically, the song is sweet, but not great. It seems to follow along the theme of a girl who is only appreciated on a superficial level, but is reminded that she will indeed be truly loved at some point. Again, it’s sweet, and mixes quite well with the music to serve as one of Maroon 5’s best tracks.

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