#956: ‘Everytime’ – Butterfingers

For a band whose beginnings are as shambolic as Butterfingers, they were far better than you’d have expected. The famous story of the group’s origins are that frontman ‘Evil’ Eddie Jacobson booked himself a gig at The Zoo, in Brisbane, with no intentions of actually performing anything. When realisation set in that he needed to fill that slot with something, he quickly got some friends together to make music with. After a pretty poor performance, he realised the band could actually go somewhere, and Butterfingers was born.

Let’s be clear though, the group aren’t going to win any prizes for their maturity. Heck, their first well-known song was ‘I Love Work‘, a joking ode the dream of quitting your awful job. This was followed up with ‘Yo Mama‘, which in addition to the chorus of “Yo mama’s on the top of my things to do list,” included the following verse of absolute poetry; “I see you in your office, sending and receiving cheques. But I know the quest for money comes from a quest for sex. So I cut to the chase and forgot about my job, and decided to stay home with yo mama on my knob.”

One of their early examples of this immaturity came from their first single ‘Everytime’. The track is basically a retelling of Evil Eddie’s bad luck, starting with the mundane “Everytime I clean my room, I make another mess. Everytime I miss the bus, I’m late for a test,” to the outlandish “Everytime I eat, I get a pain in my chest. Everytime I thinks it’s heartburn, it’s cardiac arrest.”

Soon though, it breaks down to what seems like the complete sexual exploits of the main character, getting progressively filthy as the track progresses. It’s not exactly going to win the group a Nobel Prize for literature, but damn it if it didn’t make critics of Australian hip-hop stand up and see that instead of just imitating Americans, they could actually make people laugh as well.

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