#959: ‘Mr. Jolly Fucker’ – Sleaford Mods

The attitude and ferocity that the members of Sleaford Mods take towards their music could almost be described as the aural equivalent of getting into a punch-up outside your local pub whilst your assailant reads to you from the collected works of James Joyce.

Formed in Nottingham in 2007, Sleaford Mods are a duo consisting of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn. Together, they make a gritty mixture of punk, electro, and rap, which, despite its rough edges and seemingly shambolic nature, has managed to see the group reach modest levels of success over the last decade.

With the vast majority of their tracks tackling a frustration at society and cultural norms, ‘Mr. Jolly Fucker’ is no different. With a frenzied ferocity to the lyrical delivery, Williamson takes on the elitist members of society who tend to ignore the working class, like himself.

With references to Bon Jovi, and Eastenders, his frustration is palpable, illustrated with such disjointed, stream-of-consciousness delivery that we’re not so much given a manifesto towards how he feels about this culture, but rather, we’re taking a trip through his mind.

We’re witnessing the formation of these thoughts and frustrations, and after being subjected to so many rapid-fire topic changes and references, we empathise with exactly how he feels, because we’re almost as sick of these jolly fuckers as he is.

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