#961: ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – The Cure

Out of all the bands that have aligned themselves with the genre of gothic rock over the years, The Cure have arguably been the most successful. Sure, in recent decades and years they’ve moved away from that genre and into more of an alternative rock style, but their legacy remains as one of the greatest gothic rock groups to ever play music.

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ was The Cure’s second single, and first in a series of three non-album singles that preceded their debut record Three Imaginary Boys. The track did appear on the record Boys Don’t Cry, however that one was more of mix between a compilation, an an American release of their debut. For a young group’s second single, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ was quite complex, lyrically and emotionally rather than musically, which is quite simplistic.

The track takes on the sound of a breakup song of sorts, however this one is more about the resignation of a lost love rather than pining for it to be back. It’s simply written, with great emotional depth, and tends to bring up emotions that many listeners would be able to associate with.

While ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ wasn’t exactly a popular song upon its release (it reached #99 in Australia, #22 in New Zealand, and that’s it), it has gone on to become one of the group’s most loved and most popular songs. Whether it’s the simple nature of The Cure’s songwriting, or the ability to connect with the subject matter that makes the song so popular, it’s hard to tell, but it definitely deserves its place as one of the group’s best songs.

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