#966: ‘One Thing’ – Finger Eleven

Like a lot people, I didn’t discover Finger Eleven until they hit it big with ‘Paralyzer‘. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but the downside was that I painted them as somewhat of a one hit wonder, not knowing what they had done previously.

Only four years prior, the group had released their self-titled third album (or fourth album, if you count the record they made when they were still known as Rainbow Butt Monkeys), and that record’s second single was ‘One Thing’. It was a pretty respectable hit, reaching #16 on the US charts, and appearing on a number of TV shows.

The somber nature of the track, mixed with the feelings of regret and longing made for a touching soundtrack to a wide variety of TV shows, retrospective slideshows, and YouTube tribute videos.

I’ve always felt an admiration for this track due to how genuine it feels. The vocal performance of Scott Anderson seems to come from a place of true pain, giving the track a far more real nature than many of the other songs made by artists that tried their best to cash in on the whole ‘soft-rock ballad’ genre that has seemed to be an easy road to take for so many years. It feels as though the writing of this track was a cathartic exercise for the group, used as a way to exorcise the demons of regret that they had pent up.

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