#967: ‘Women In Uniform’ – Skyhooks

My love for this song goes all the way back to my formative years of music. In my early years of music consumption, my taste was formed by my parents. As one would expect, this lead to me being exposed to an older variety of music than was around at the time. My father, having been into a lot of ’70s Australian rock taught me as much as he could about the bands of that era, while my mother, whose tastes were borne out of the ’80s, did her best to educate me about that period.

Somewhere along the line, I apparently developed a taste for Skyhooks’ ‘Women In Uniform’. I have no idea how, but I vividly recall a family trip in which my parents slipped the cassette tape containing this song into the primitive stereo in the car before I would dance around happily in my car seat. While this would be a pretty cute image, it’s somewhat soured by the fact that I was dancing around to a song about women in, well, uniform.

Judged on face value, the song is pretty much your typically ’70s styled Aus-rock track that spouts the benefits of lovin’ a woman just right. Somewhere along the line, the guys in Iron Maiden also caught wind of the track and decided to record a cover of it. To put it nicely, it’s really not great, and somewhat laughable, but kudos to them for trying.

Again though, let’s just reflect on the fact that as a young child of three or four, this was my favourite song. Nothing age-appropriate for me, no sir, instead, I was all about a beautiful woman in a police uniform. Off to a great start, I was.

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