#970: ‘Mountain Song’ – Jane’s Addiction

Jane’s Addiction are arguably one of the most important bands in alternative rock history. Without them, the musical landscape of the ’90s would have been completely different, after all, the iconic music festival Lollapalooza was first created by Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell as a break-up tour for the band.

The group’s early history was pretty much as you’d expect of an alternative rock band coming from Los Angeles in the ’80s. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll were all part of the band’s modus operandi, and as such, the group wrote songs about them. ‘Mountain Song’, is a combination of just a few of these themes.

Featuring a legendary bassline performed by original bassist Eric Avery, ‘Mountain Song’ is about either death or drugs, depending on who you talk to. While Perry Farrell claims that the song was written about two women from his history who passed away, many others claim that the song was about drugs, as evidenced by the song’s lyrics of “comin’ down the mountain” . Of course, these two themes aren’t mutually exclusive, and knowing the band’s history, it’s quite possibly about both.

While ‘Mountain Song’ might not be the  group’s best known song (an honour that probably belongs to ‘Been Caught Stealing‘, ‘Stop!‘, or ‘Jane Says‘), this track proves as probably one of the best examples of where the group came from, and what they were all about musically. I was lucky enough to see the group perform this track back in 2010, and the performance of this song still stands out as one of the best tracks that they played that day.

While the group doesn’t exactly have the intensity and pull that they used to have 30 years ago, you definitely have to give them credit for having such an influential career.

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