#982: ‘Drunk On Election Night’ – Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males

The inspiration for my love of this track comes from September 7th, 2013. That was the day that Australians went to the polls in order to elect our next Prime Minister. That year had been a pretty tumultuous time for politics. After our Prime Minister elected in 2007, Kevin Rudd, had been ousted by his deputy, Julia Gillard, before the 2010 election, she was herself ousted by Kevin Rudd before the 2013 election, much to the confusion of people all around the country.

Thankfully though, many folks were certain that the 2013 election would be decided in the favour of the Labor Party, lead by Kevin Rudd, rather than the right-leaning Liberal Party, lead by Tony Abbott. Rudd’s polices were far more suited towards a progressive country, and people like myself enjoyed that.

For me, the evening of the election was spent with my two best friends, a lesbian couple, engaged to be married, yet unable to do so due to the backwards laws on marriage that Australia has. Thankfully, Rudd’s policies made it clear that he planned to change this, something we were all waiting for. However, as most people are aware, these things never have a happy ending, and Tony Abbott was elected instead.

Never had a song been more fitting to that point in time. Dan Kelly’s lyrics described someone who was using the results of an election as an excuse to leave their country, due to their hatred towards the winning party. Somehow, the phraseology of “Gonna catch that plane and fly, gonna sail on the next high tide. Just to get away from that cock sucking motherfucker, darkening my mind” made complete sense to everyone, regardless of their stance on expletives.

Sure, this song is basically suited for almost any election in which your supported side doesn’t emerge victorious, that’s the beauty of the track, but from my personal experience, the track was so perfectly crafted for that one evening in how it captured the collective emotions of an entire demographic in a country all at once.

We spent the rest of that night drinking heavily and watching John Waters films before we found ourself eating a fast-food breakfast the next morning, completely shocked that a country could be so backwards in their decision making. On the plus side, at least there hasn’t been another divisive election to that extent since then. Oh wait…

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