#988: ‘Outside’ – Staind

Staind’s ‘Outside’ was one of those tracks I frequently would listen to while playing video games as a young teenager. I don’t know why, maybe its somber nature gave me empathy with the skateboards, motorcars, or ATVs that I was so recklessly riding, but the main point to take away from this is that it wasn’t exactly a great video game soundtrack. Even more unsuited was the nature in which I discovered this song. Back in 2003, my mother won a copy of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s eleventh album Poodle Hat. One of the tracks, the album’s mandatory polka track, the ‘Angry White Boy Polka‘, contained a polka cover of it. Somehow, it stuck with me enough to check the track out.

Staind were always one of those bands who were written off due to their involvement in the nu-metal genre. I mean, let’s face it, how many acts have gone on to huge success after having been associated with Fred Durst? Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy the genre, and I enjoy Staind’s work, after all, ‘Mudshovel‘ and ‘It’s Been Awhile‘ (which I still have to double-check to see if its spelt correctly), are great tracks.

Regardless of the band’s history, their status, and their standing as members of the nu-metal genre, ‘Outside’ remains a great track. It’s emotional depth has been criticised by many folks for the sole reason that it sounds like your typical ‘hard’ band trying their best to do a ballad, but in my opinion, I feel like the song hits its mark. It sounds as if Aaron Lewis is doing his best to describe the feelings of his seemingly doomed relationship with another. The song may have had its detractors over the years, but in my mind, it remains as a nice little slice of nu-metal history.

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