#995: ‘Call Me Anytime’ – The Cops

The mid-’00s were prime time for indie rock and indie pop to merge together into some sort of unstoppable behemoth that managed to infiltrate both the popular music charts and the Hottest 100 charts. The latter is how I discovered The Cops.

No, I managed to let the brilliant ‘Wallet/Puffer/Smokes/Keys‘ bypass me completely, and instead I caught onto ‘Call Me Anytime’ in early 2007, following the track’s appearance in the 2006 Hottest 100.

The song was instantly catchy, yet still rigid and straightforward enough to be considered sensible. It was slightly outlandish, yet it brought it all back home with a chorus that I still find myself humming, ten years after first hearing it.

Why was it so catchy though? What drew me in? I may never know, but I decided to choose this song to be one that I would overplay completely when I decided to bring my iPod along with me on the school bus two years later. I still remember hearing ‘Call Me Anytime’ shuffling between Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses‘, Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe‘, and Trial Kennedy’s ‘Colour Day Tours, being played repeatedly until I had not only memorised the track completely, but also grown sick of it slightly.

Maybe that’s why I’ve relegated this track to such a low position, or maybe it’s that there are #994 more worthwhile songs ahead of it, who knows?

Also, while checking up on the current activity of The Cops’ members, since the group broke up soon after the release of Drop It In Their Laps, I discovered the group are in the process of recording a new album, having already released a new song. Whether a new album will surface remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I’ll stick with the memories of this track.

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