#997: ‘Cochise’ – Audioslave

As I alluded to yesterday, I managed to witness Rage Against The Machine play live in early 2008, and it still ranks as one of the greatest concerts I ever witnessed. A few years later, I saw Soundgarden perform, and then I saw them do a far better show a couple of years after that. So, I’ve sort of seen Audioslave live, even though I know in my heart, that isn’t the case.

Back in October of 2006, as I also mentioned yesterday, I was visiting cousins in Coffs Harbour. Prior to my visit, they had acquired the first Guitar Hero game, but if you recall the history of the game, it didn’t really get majorly popular until the release of the second game, a month after this story takes place. So in that small period before the game got huge, we felt like we were in control of a hidden gem.

Friends would visit and be amazed by the novel nature game, and we all somehow managed to achieve a level of skill that managed to impress everyone who saw us, and for just that little while, we felt pretty cool.

It was during this time that I discovered ‘Cochise’ by Audioslave. The song was only four years old when I came across it, but it felt like some sort of lost secret of rock. With the brutal musicianship of the Rage Against The Machine rhythm section, and the powerful vocals of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, ‘Cochise’ felt as furious and unrelenting as the Apache Indian chief with whom the track shares a name.

For someone like me who was still trying to discover the classics of music, it was an eye-opening experience. To this day, I still remember the moment in which I heard the original Audioslave version rather than the Guitar Hero cover, and I realised that I then had to listen to this song as much as possible and to make sure I never forgot about it.

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